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For Teachers

CutTime Blog Article Data Driven Decisions for Your Program with a white male teacher looking a virtual data analysis bar chart representing his fine arts program.

Data Driven Decisions for Your Music Program

Music and other fine arts education funding decisions require educators to rely on more data than ever before. Learn how to take and apply your everyday data...

Rick Ghinelli · Jun 11, 2024
CutTime Blog Article 4 Lessons Teachers Can Learn from Accountants with a black female teacher wearing eye glasses sitting with a caucasian male accountant learning financial best practices.

4 Lessons Teachers Can Learn from Accountants

Are your program financials making you cross-eyed? Can’t tell the difference between an Allocation and a Fixed Cost? Get an easier handle on your program’s...

Allan Branch · Jun 3, 2024
CutTime Blog Article 5 Strategies for Finishing the Year Strong with a black woman runner smiling with hands raised as she crosses the finish line.

5 Strategies to Finish the Program Year Strong

The final days of the program year can be unbelievably hectic, or they can be crazy good. Our expert shares a set of fun and highly productive activities to...

Tamarie Sayger · May 16, 2024
CutTime Blog Article 7 Ways to Take Pain Out of Events with smiling Red Headed Caucasian Female Teacher

7 Ways to Take the Pain Out of Events

Getting overwhelmed with games, concerts, shows, competitions, and everything in between? Tap into our bag of event preparation tricks to keep it all under...

Angela Spores · Mar 27, 2024