Tame the Administration Chaos

Enable e-signatures, member access reset and more for your program.

CutTime allows me to spend less time writing receipts, creating rosters, printing instrument contracts, and other admin tasks. This in turn frees up more time for me to plan for and teach classes and rehearsals.

Music Educator in Arkansas, USA

CutTime Administration Features

Request and Track Document Signatures

Upload program handbooks, permission slips, and other documents and send trackable requests for eSignature to students and/or guardians.

Send and Sign Rental Agreements

Send rental agreement to the parent/guardian for eSignature and maintain a log of acceptances.

Manage Inventory Locations

Add, edit and assign custom location names for all of your inventory items from one central entry point on your school's dashboard.

Enable Member ‘Magic’ Link Reset

Empower members to request and re-authenticate their personalized ‘magic’ link whenever they need a refresh or want to proactively access their personal portal page.

Manage User Roles & Permissions

Designate user roles and access levels for each of your staff and helpers in CutTime. Ensure sensitive information is only funneled to the appropriate people.

Manage Program Data by ‘Seasons’

Designate a span of time, aka ‘season’ for your program’s data. Toggle between seasons to view previous year data for easier historical reference on members, communications, finances, and inventory!

Wrap Up Program Season End of Year

Use our ultra simplified, guided workflow to complete end of year activities. Breeze through outstanding inventory assignments and account balances either through bulk or individualized member progression handling.

Make Financial Transfers via ‘Angel Fund’

Direct vital funds where they are most needed. Move program / fundraising credits from graduating members to siblings or other members.

Benefits of CutTime’s Administration

Had it with paperwork and the boring stuff? Let us help you take the tech shortcuts and breeze on with your valuable teaching day.

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Features home 2 01
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Communicate with Even More Confidence

Communication plays a crucial role in the success of your program. Keeping everyone informed without being overwhelmed is no easy feat. Yet, more and more people are shifting their communication preferences to simplify their daily lives. So, what’s the best way forward? Well, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how CutTime handles SMS texting and emailing. In this video, you'll hear Freddy and Mikey talk through what we’ve seen and learned when it comes to communicating with your members for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. We have a DPA and will send it to you upon request when you initiate the onboarding process with us. For a faster onboarding experience, we prefer to use our DPA, which is based on national standards with the necessary state provisions.

  • All users are required to have an account in order to access and use CutTime. CutTime features are available for a nominal subscription fee with potential volume discounts if your district qualifies. Contact our Support Team to discuss your options and select a subscription plan that is best suited to your program's needs

Life is Better with CutTime

Leave the mundane tasks to us. Focus more on your students.
Create a life-long passion for the fine arts.