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For Boosters

CutTime Blog Article 7 Ways to Take Pain Out of Events with smiling Red Headed Caucasian Female Teacher

7 Ways to Take the Pain Out of Events

Getting overwhelmed with games, concerts, shows, competitions, and everything in between? Tap into our bag of event preparation tricks to keep it all under...

Angela Spores · Mar 27, 2024
Tower of shiny blue wrapped gifts with festive confetti to herald 12 CutTime feature enhancements to use in 2024

12 CutTime Enhancements to Use in 2024

Ready to take on 2024?! To help you get a boost in your productivity, our expert shares his 12 not-to-miss feature enhancements from CutTime for educators,...

Mikey Halcovage · Jan 8, 2024
Woman walking and someone is pickpocketing her wallet from her purse without her knowledge.

Stolen Dreams: A Cautionary Booster Club Tale

Traditional cash and check payments put your program at risk for fraud. In this cautionary tale, learn why embracing online payments is a must for ensuring...

Allan Branch · Jun 15, 2023