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Get the tools and data you need to reduce admin headaches, maximize your program’s assets, and boost your daily workflow from the people who’ve walked in your teaching shoes.

From band, choir, and orchestra to color guard, theater, and dance - CutTime supports and serves people like you who make fine arts programs thrive in our schools and communities.

CutTime is enabling administrators and educators to nurture the next generation of artists with thoughtfully crafted technology and intuitive workflow solutions. We are here to help you focus more of your time where it matters most - teaching and advocating.

Orchestrate your fine arts program through one powerful platform. Take back your days (and nights) so you can keep your students shining in the spotlight.

CutTime Named a Best Tool for Schools!

CutTime named Best Comprehensive Music Program Management Tool 2024 for Schools by SBO+ Magazine


Give your fine arts program’s instruments, attire and music library a new modern home designed to scale as you grow.


Keep the music playing and the show going with our powerful financial tools that protect and fuel your program’s cash flow.


Help everyone vested in your fine arts program stay regularly informed and on track without all of the organizational drama.


Put your program’s ensembles, students, parents and guardians in perfect order for flawless planning and interaction.


Let us handle signatures, resets and other mundane program administration tasks so your focus stays on teaching and advocating.

Days are long, but true teaching time is way too short.

That’s why we’ve taken a fresh, new workflow driven approach to empowering fine arts educators and leaders like you with data that provides actionable insights. CutTime’s new technology platform caters more to the lifecycle of your tasks and introduces ‘assistant like’ features around them. With the growing demands of your programs, you can count on a more comprehensive and modernized tool set to collectively manage inventory, financials, communication, members and administration tasks so you can reach your number one goal of helping your students grow and thrive through the arts.

NEW! End of Year Features

We realize the end of year is an incredibly busy time for you! That’s why you’ll love our guided, step-by-step workflow that empowers you to decide how best to handle your students on your timetable. Move vital program funds where they are needed most with the Angel Fund.

Close out your program season with greater flexibility, speed, and peace of mind.


CutTime is my manager for all things instrument, library, and accounting. Instead of using an antiquated spreadsheet and hunting for specific instruments on the list, I am now able to scan a QR code and receive all the data I need. It is very efficient to have everything in one place.

John Donnelly Music Educator in Oregon, USA
Photo Collage of Orchestra, Band, Guard, Dance, Theater and Choir programs supported by CutTime.

Essential Tools Teachers and Boosters Love

Discover what thousands of marching band, concert band, choral, orchestral, color guard, theater, and dance programs are using to slay their admin tasks and keep their focus on making sure every student shines.

A Truly Fresh Approach to Managing Your Fine Arts Program

We get life is super busy. Department meetings, rehearsals, games, organizing travel - you’ve got a LOT going on. Good news, we’re here to take all of the hectic admin off your shoulders, so you can be the amazing Chief Advocate for your students. Meet your new fine arts digital assistant. We've made communicating better, collecting payments better, and keeping your members informed better than ever!  Watch and see for yourself.

The essential toolkit for every fine arts educator is here.

Helping you focus more on teaching and achieving peak performance for your program.

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The new CutTime is fabulous! I really can't believe how much better you've made it!!! I spend at least 50 % less time managing our group.

Madeline Poe Choir Director in Florida, USA

Communicate with Even More Confidence

Communication plays a crucial role in the success of your program. Keeping everyone informed without being overwhelmed is no easy feat. Yet, more and more people are shifting their communication preferences to simplify their daily lives. So, what’s the best way forward? Well, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how CutTime handles SMS texting and emailing. In this video, you'll hear Freddy and Mikey talk through what we’ve seen and learned when it comes to communicating with your members for best results.

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We work alongside the world's most trusted music education players and share a common vision - enable students to develop a lifelong passion for the arts.

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Today is the day - let's do this!

Making the move to CutTime is easy and brings you many benefits. If you are a Fine Arts District Administrator, Educator, or Booster Club Leader, we're ready to help you get everything you need to run your fine arts programs in one, accessible and easy to use place.

Get your journey to the new CutTime started with a quote and our onboarding checklist.