Why CutTime Now?

Because the whole goal of leading a fine arts program is to teach and inspire students to develop a lifelong love of arts.

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Software is just software, right?! Not so fast! While it’s true there are multiple options for storing and managing your program’s data, next to none of these systems operate with the unique mind and soul of a fine arts administrator, educator, guardian and volunteer.

That’s where we come in. We designed CutTime around your program’s data and day-to-day workflows so you will spend way less time figuring out how to get mundane stuff done and more time with your amazingly gifted humans (inside and outside the classroom).

Start with the time you can save and get back in a single day or week. Oh, and there is much, much, more on top of that. Keep reading and you’ll see why CutTime is a complete game changer for the fine arts education profession and beyond.

Why CutTime? Because Your Time is Precious Time | Woman Smiling

Your Time is Precious Time

Eradicate time wasters that chew up precious time (e.g. no more password reset headaches, sending and chasing paper forms and payments). Create a digital lifeline of support with key volunteer professionals to avoid day to day burnout in teaching on top of running what feels like a small business 24/7.

Bring more joy back into the job, manage life balance, and get more YOUTime. Free yourself to spend more time on who and what matters to you as an individual (e.g. homework with kids, dinner out with a partner, seeing a show at a competing school).

Why CutTime? Because Single Source of Program Truth | Instruments and Music Stands

Single Source of Program Truth

Bring everything under one digital roof that you can put your hands on and count on when you need it. Centralize transparency across all aspects of your programs to ensure resources are properly managed. Recruit and securely empower a network of helping digital hands to handle key tasks with your oversight. Delegate certain responsibilities and control accountabilities with confidence. Never lose track of precious assets again with barcoding and QR codes for instrument cases. Scale easily and quickly without worrying about old school files keeping up with you.

What Our Customers Love About CutTime

Without CutTime, we would be working in Google Sheets and teachers would be able to enter and manipulate the data with no guardrails, which means too many hands on the information.

Nathan Wesner, Fine Arts Administrator in Pennsylvania

The development team at CutTime has included all of the right tools and it is clear that they know what music teachers really need!

Tyler Long, Band Director in Indiana

CutTime has helped me to better organize the students and contact their home more easily. Best of all, it has made getting the lay of the land in the program far easier.

Music Educator in Florida
Why CutTime? Because You Can Plan Smarter and Fund Better | Fundraising Strategy Diagram

Plan Smarter and Fund Better

Calculating the value of your program - help others see the money investment - like never before. Articulate what you need and why to your management and the larger community, backing up your requests with undeniable facts. Make your fundraisers more strategic by aligning them with the greatest areas of need (at individual, group, asset, or ensemble levels). Get more meaningful financial data to help you and your volunteers plan ahead and stop coming up short.

Why CutTime? Because Boost Retention and Succession | Man Smiling with Percussion

Boost Retention and Succession

Improve your school district’s succession and transition planning by giving a concrete starting point for first-year educators as well as transitioners to organize productively, and avoid becoming paralyzed and overwhelmed. Enable your parents and guardians to focus more on the fun and reward of seeing their student’s yearly progression, with well timed news, events and helpful tips and reminders.

Why CutTime? Because You Can Make a Bigger Impact | Crowd Cheering

Make a Bigger Personal and Community Impact

Fuel your arts programs to grow beyond where they are today. Open more doors for students to increase their visibility in the community so other kids are inspired to do the same. Improve the quality and impact your program makes in the community and easily spread the good word. Inspire students, families, and others by being able to focus more time/financial investment to showcase the program’s success (e.g. trophy displays, celebration banquets, etc., which will ultimately create more motivation for everyone to stick with and grow with your program.

A Brand NEW CutTime for the 21st Century

Previously tried CutTime and weren't too wild about it? We get that. That's why we rebuilt our platform from the ground up using modern technology software with a mobile-first design. We started the rebuilding journey and invested hundreds of hours getting input from fine arts users of all shapes and sizes (district administrators, educators, teachers, booster leaders, parents, students, and volunteers) to shape our roadmap. In this video, you'll hear Rick and Allan talk about the key differences from our past and what you can expect from the NEW CutTime moving forward.

Life is Better with CutTime

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