Whip Your Communication Into Shape

Send messages and keep your members up to date with your program.


Get your messages delivered quickly and effectively via our SMS Magic Link system. No more wondering if they received it either - our deliverability dashboard keeps you informed.


Create one-off and multi-series events for your program. Enable your members to subscribe one-time to synchronize with their personal calendars. Publish for wider visibility to Public and District calendars.

Volunteer Opportunities

Get more helping hands at your events. Create volunteer opportunities that your members can view, see who else is helping and sign up with ease.

Experience pure communication magic that transforms your inbox.

In less than three minutes our CutTime expert will delight you with their communication advice for taming the admin chaos around sending announcements and event notifications.

CutTime Communication Features

Create and Send Announcements

Use our template to compose a message with subject line and details for important meetings, auditions, rehearsals, trip updates and more. View all of your previous announcements and see the delivery status to individual members via a dashboard.

Create and Send Events

Use our template to compose a message with event name, date and details for important meetings, auditions, rehearsals, performances and more. View all of your previous events via a dashboard.

Create Volunteer Opportunities

Use our template to construct a volunteer opportunity posting within your events. Posting includes name, date, time, description, number of slots and program credit value. View who signs up and enable your guardians to see who else is lending a helping hand and which opportunities need volunteers.

Transmit Notifications via SMS

Send announcements, events, payment and rental agreement notifications via SMS text directly to your members’ mobile phones. Messages contain a personalized, secure ‘magic’ link that takes the receiver to their student or parent and guardian portal page. Track the deliverability of your messages via a dashboard.

Benefits of CutTime’s Communication

Excessive communication blowing up your phone? Take a beat, we would be happy to help you navigate around those email and text gremlins. You’ve got better things to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 58% of people say that texting is the most effective way for businesses and organizations to reach them. 74% of people respond to text messages from a business within an hour. Simply put - email is old school and difficult for busy parents and guardians to keep up and respond. Isn’t everyone’s inbox overflowing these days?

    That’s why we came up with a more modern solution using SMS text messaging. We use SMS text as a web-based push notification to get your messages center stage on your members’ devices. Now instead of having to send a personal text message reminding a member to read your emails - they can just tap and go straight to your message! A huge time saver and life saver when you have an urgent item to communicate. Best of all, we enable you to see the ‘deliverability’ of your messages and alert you to issues where someone has changed their mobile phone number or accidentally ‘opted out’ from texts. Trust us, you and your members will love the convenience of our SMS text approach.

Life is Better with CutTime

Streamline your communication. Focus more on your students.
Create a life-long passion for the fine arts.