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Thanks for stopping by our site. Guessing a few things about CutTime have started to peak your interest. Still have a few head scratchers we can help you with? Read on below for some common topics that your fellow fine arts educators are asking us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • CutTime takes a workflow driven approach to empowering fine arts educators and leaders like you with data that provides actionable insights. We see the lifecycle of each task and design ‘assistant like’ features around them. With the growing demands of your programs, you can count on a more comprehensive and modernized toolset to collectively manage inventory, financials, communication and member participation. 

    You will find more continuous releases of new features and enhancements to improve your seasonal workflow. We focus on responsive web, rather than native apps, to deliver a premium user experience with all of the navigation and push communication bells and whistles without the extra software installation and update hassle.

  • You will need to review the data from those sources and ensure the formatting matches up with our system's import formatting requirements. We strongly recommend you check for duplicates, and combine all of your notes and comments into a single field. You can find more detailed guidance about our import processes and formatting in our Online Help Center here.

  • We implemented Stripe to make it easier to collect payments and manage your program obligations with parents and guardians. Stripe offers the best online payment solution in the market, recently named one of Forbes 10 Best Credit Card Processing Companies. Their standard payout is two business days and the funds are deposited directly into your school or booster club's account. They provide one of the industry's highest levels of security and reliability and the lowest fees for processing transactions. Best of all, Stripe enables us to provide you with detailed reporting on your transactions so you have the full visibility to sort out any potential payment issues that may arise. During the onboarding process, we will work with you and your school to set up Stripe. If you wish to take advantage of our Financials capabilities, you will need to activate a Stripe account with us.

  • 58% of people say that texting is the most effective way for businesses and organizations to reach them. 74% of people respond to text messages from a business within an hour. In our CutTime community, we see a 95% open and read rate for text messages within 24 hours vs. only a 25% open only rate for email in the same time period. Simply put - email is old school and difficult for busy parents and guardians to keep up and respond. Isn’t everyone’s inbox overflowing these days?

    That’s why we came up with a more modern solution using SMS text messaging. We use SMS text as a web-based push notification to get your messages center stage on your members’ devices. Now instead of having to send a personal text message reminding a member to read your emails - they can just tap and go straight to your message! A huge time saver and life saver when you have an urgent item to communicate. A good example of this is when you are coming back from an away game or performance and run into unexpected traffic delay. Being able to send a quick announcement in that moment to guardians that the pick up time will be thirty minutes later is priceless. Your guardians getting that time sensitive notification on their phone where they are more likely to see it is gold. Best of all, we enable you to see the ‘deliverability’ of your messages and alert you to issues where someone has changed their mobile phone number or accidentally ‘opted out’ from texts. Trust us, you and your members will love the convenience of our SMS text approach.

    For cases where a student is not able to provide a mobile phone number for SMS messaging or the message fails to reach a student or guardian, CutTime will automatically re-send the Magic Link notification to the email address on file for that person. Email is also available as a primary method for sending Magic Link notifications to students if needed. If your students or guardians do not wish to receive text messages from CutTime, they can reply ‘STOP’ anytime to opt out and 'UNSTOP' to opt back in. View our SMS Terms of Service here.

  • Yes. We have a DPA and will send it to you upon request when you initiate the onboarding process with us. For a faster onboarding experience, we prefer to use our DPA, which is based on national standards with the necessary state provisions.

  • All users are required to have an account in order to access and use CutTime. CutTime features are available for a nominal subscription fee with potential volume discounts if your district qualifies. Contact our Support Team to discuss your options and select a subscription plan that is best suited to your program's needs.

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