Master Your Fine Arts Inventory

Know the location, condition and value of every asset in your program.

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Consolidate your wind, string, percussion and other musical instrument inventory data. Include various accessories large and small that are vital to student technique and instrument maintenance.

Music Library

Store your catalog of music scores and sheet music across genres. Categorize it all by grade level and position for easier search and inspiration when planning for your upcoming performances and competitions.


Wrap your digital arms around uniforms, choir robes, formal dress wear, costumes and special competition attire. Capture various accessories large and small that make your members stand out.

Watch Our Inventory Reels

In less than three minutes our CutTime experts will dazzle you with their inventory tips and tricks for taming the admin chaos around your most mundane inventory tasks.

CutTime Inventory Features

Import and View Inventory Data

Use our template to bulk upload large volumes of instrument, attire and music library inventory data. Scan barcodes with your own mobile device (no special scanner required) to pull up any record and take action on it. View and learn how to improve instrument data scores.

Search, Filter and Export Instrument Data

Find instruments lightning fast with our partial name match as you type. Use filters to quickly identify assets by inspection and assignment status. Export instrument data results based on the data fields you select.

Assign Assets

Assign one or more instruments to a student. Send rental agreements to the parent/guardian for eSignature and maintain assignment history for each instrument and student.

Inspect Assets

Create inspection records and indicate conditions for instruments with comments. Maintain inspection history for each instrument and view overall inspection statistics at a glance via the main School Dashboard.

Repair and Replace Assets

Create repair records for instruments with vendor, cost, dates, details and add supporting documentation. Maintain repair history and see total repair cost for each instrument. Classify assets as ‘unrepairable’ so they can be flagged for replacement.

Transfer Assets

Find and exchange instruments for set loan periods with other schools in your district. View open requests, make and accept offers.


View the initial and current estimated market value for every instrument.

Print Case Tags

Generate a unique QR code tag that can be printed on labels for instrument cases.

Benefits of CutTime’s Inventory

Inventory got you all tied up in messy data knots? Relax, we love helping you sort out the fine arts nitty gritty. Confession, we regularly geek out on this stuff.

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A Brand NEW CutTime for the 21st Century

Previously tried CutTime and weren't too wild about it? We get that. That's why we rebuilt our platform from the ground up using modern technology software with a mobile-first design. We started the rebuilding journey and invested hundreds of hours getting input from fine arts users of all shapes and sizes (district administrators, educators, teachers, booster leaders, parents, students, and volunteers) to shape our roadmap. In this video, you'll hear Rick and Allan talk about the key differences from our past and what you can expect from the NEW CutTime moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will need to review the data from those sources and ensure the formatting matches up with our system's import formatting requirements. We strongly recommend you check for duplicates, and combine all of your notes and comments into a single field. You can find more detailed guidance about our import processes and formatting in our Online Help Center here.

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