Show Your Financials Who’s Boss

Track costs, collect secure payments and enable donations for your program.

Transform Your Program's Financial Health

Think getting expenses under control and making online payments is impossible? Hear how CutTime helped Bay High School's Million Dollar Band turn around their financial challenges and keep their travel dreams alive! Adam Brown, Band Director describes what life was like before CutTime and how he and his booster club utilized CutTime's fresh approach to enable their program funds to keep on flowing with less stress and more smiles.

CutTime has helped me gain insight for budgeting and alert parents about dues, which keeps the communication between us nice and smooth.

Music Educator in Florida, USA

CutTime Financials Features

Import and View Student Balances

Use our template to bulk upload large volumes of student program balance data from previous year participation, fundraising or other outside sources. Manually add bulk costs and payments as well. View your entire school fine arts program financial status via our financial dashboard.

Assign Fees and Pledges

Create bulk costs for select ensembles and/or whole programs with ease for fees, instruments, uniforms, accessories, events and trips. Add an individual or bulk one-off cost anytime during the year for incidental items or new members that join your program.

View and Send Student Balance Statements

Look up and view individual student balances and send an announcement to members reminding them to review their child’s financial status on their portal page.

Collect Online Payments

Send parents and guardians a SMS text notification with a personalized ‘magic’ link to our secure online payment platform - Stripe. Members have the option to pay by credit or with their debit card. You can choose to send the payment notification automatically when creating a cost, or choose to send it at a later time. Use the Stripe Express Dashboard for additional reports on your transactions and to edit banking deposit and other details.

Track Payments

Keep track of all your payments at school and individual student levels. Enter individual and bulk manual transactions for program credits, cash and check payments.

Enable Cost Sharing Donations

Parents and guardians can select family & friends from their contacts to send a request for a ‘share the cost’ donation campaign. Donors receive a text notification with a personalized message from the parent or guardian and link to our secure online payment platform.

Manage Angel Fund Transfers

Use the Angel Fund to alleviate financial hardships with scholarships, community contributions, and member credit transfers.

Benefits of CutTime’s Financials

Financial duties got you cross-eyed? No worries, we’re pros when it comes to managing the money pot. Let us help you keep the show going.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We implemented Stripe to make it easier to collect payments and manage your program obligations with parents and guardians. Stripe offers the best online payment solution in the market, recently named one of Forbes 10 Best Credit Card Processing Companies. Their standard payout is two business days and the funds are deposited directly into your school or booster club's account. They provide one of the industry's highest levels of security and reliability and the lowest fees for processing transactions. Best of all, Stripe enables us to provide you with detailed reporting on your transactions so you have the full visibility to sort out any potential payment issues that may arise. Use the Stripe Express Dashboard for additional reports on your transactions and to edit banking deposit and other details. During the onboarding process, we will work with you and your school to set up Stripe. If you wish to take advantage of our Financials capabilities, you will need to activate a Stripe account with us

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