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What Our Customers Love About CutTime

CutTime has made a big difference in maintaining accurate records for inventory and student finances for my program. It was difficult for us to keep consistent and efficient between multiple campuses and multiple directors. Now that it is all in one system, everyone can view the same information from any location and follow the same process to maintain all of our records.

Music Educator in Arkansas

CutTime revolutionized the efficiency of our band office as soon as we completed the migration process. Tasks that used to require so many steps now are seamlessly integrated in a music education assistant that just simply makes sense.

Tyler Long, Band Director in Indiana

With CutTime, I no longer need to look up the value of a horn, appraise its longevity, and prove to administrators the need for a new instrument when it is no longer serviceable. Thanks to CutTime, I am now able to quickly notate the repair need, check out a new instrument, and focus on getting a student the best quality instrument into their hands.

John Donnelly, Music Educator in Oregon

CutTime Named a Best Tool for Schools!

CutTime named Best Comprehensive Music Program Management Tool 2024 for Schools by SBO+ Magazine

A Fresh Approach Awaits Your Fine Arts Program

Your time truly precious! We get your life is super busy. Meetings, facilities, budget reviews, assemblies, games, competitions, teaching, volunteering, organizing travel - you’ve got a LOT going on.

Good news, we’re here to lighten your load, so you can be the awesome Chief Advocate for your staff and programs. Meet your new fine arts digital ally.

“Navigating the platform is very intuitive, so it is easy to use, and the support has been amazing!

University Department Head and Professor of Music in Arkansas


Give your music program’s instruments, attire, library, and equipment items a new modern home. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and use simplified data points for quicker record import and maintenance. Barcodes for Instruments (coming soon for other inventory areas) can be read from any mobile device (no scanner required) and any available action can be performed on your record once it is scanned. Print QR code labels for your instrument cases. Search, filter and export inventory data sets lightning fast. Assign instruments, garments, library pieces, and equipment items to members. Perform inspections, track repairs, transfers and replacements. Depreciation values for instruments help you strategically assess and plan budgets. The Music Library (Sheet Music) allows you to search your repository as well as across other program and school district libraries for hidden literature gems.

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Keep the music playing and the show going with our powerful financial tools. Add fees and pledges with the option to send online payment notifications to parents and guardians. Collect secure, online payments using Stripe (funds go direct to district, school or booster account). We also make it easy for parents and guardians to 'share the costs' by requesting donations from family and friends for their students via SMS text. Members can easily view their program balances in a single statement view at any time and receive automated reminders for outstanding balances. Use the Stripe Express Dashboard for additional reports on your transactions. Use the Angel Fund to alleviate financial hardships with scholarships, community contributions, and member credit transfers.

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Stay connected without all of the 'where did it go' drama. Create announcements utilizing secure and personalized ‘magic’ links to send news, events, volunteer opportunities, rental agreements and other notifications to your program and ensemble members. Your members can immediately view the message via their portal page and see other relevant program information in one view. All of your communication history of announcements, events with volunteer opportunities are viewable anytime from any mobile device. 'Magic Link' notifications are sent primarily via SMS text for enhanced tracking and response. Email alternative notification is available if needed.

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Put your people in perfect order with confidence. Create programs, ensembles, add students and assign parents and guardians. You can also assign multiple students simultaneously to one or more parents and guardians. Designate additional members as Boosters and extend your program’s circle of support.

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Say goodbye to login and password maintenance headaches for your members. They can access their information easily and securely through a personalized 'magic' SMS link, which can be bookmarked. Request and track eSignatures for program handbooks, permission slips, and other vital documentation. Send rental agreements for eSignature and centrally manage locations to boost accountability for your assets. Designate user access levels for each of your staff and helpers in CutTime and ensure sensitive information is only funneled to the appropriate people. Conduct End of Year Wrap Up activities through guided flow with options for bulk and individualized handling.

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Communicate with Even More Confidence

Communication plays a crucial role in the success of your program. Keeping everyone informed without being overwhelmed is no easy feat. Yet, more and more people are shifting their communication preferences to simplify their daily lives. So, what’s the best way forward? Well, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how CutTime handles SMS texting and emailing. In this video, you'll hear Freddy and Mikey talk through what we’ve seen and learned when it comes to communicating with your members for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • CutTime takes a workflow driven approach to empowering fine arts educators and leaders like you with data that provides actionable insights. We see the lifecycle of each task and design ‘assistant like’ features around them. With the growing demands of your programs, you can count on a more comprehensive and modernized toolset to collectively manage inventory, financials, communication and member participation. You will also find more continuous releases of new features and enhancements to improve your seasonal workflow. We focus on responsive web, rather than native apps, to deliver a premium user experience with all of the navigation and push communication bells and whistles without the extra software installation and update hassle.

  • 58% of people say that texting is the most effective way for businesses and organizations to reach them. 74% of people respond to text messages from a business within an hour. In our CutTime community, we see a 95% open and read rate for text messages within 24 hours vs. only a 25% open only rate for email in the same time period. Simply put - email is old school and difficult for busy parents and guardians to keep up and respond. Isn’t everyone’s inbox overflowing these days?

    That’s why we came up with a more modern solution using SMS text messaging. We use SMS text as a web-based push notification to get your messages center stage on your members’ devices. Now instead of having to send a personal text message reminding a member to read your emails - they can just tap and go straight to your message! A huge time saver and life saver when you have an urgent item to communicate. A good example of this is when you are coming back from an away game or performance and run into unexpected traffic delay. Being able to send a quick announcement in that moment to guardians that the pick up time will be thirty minutes later is priceless. Your guardians getting that time sensitive notification on their phone where they are more likely to see it is gold. Best of all, we enable you to see the ‘deliverability’ of your messages and alert you to issues where someone has changed their mobile phone number or accidentally ‘opted out’ from texts. Trust us, you and your members will love the convenience of our SMS text approach.

    For cases where a student is not able to provide a mobile phone number for SMS messaging or the message fails to reach a student or guardian, CutTime will automatically re-send the Magic Link notification to the email address on file for that person. Email is also available as a primary method for sending Magic Link notifications to students if needed. If your students or guardians do not wish to receive text messages from CutTime, they can reply ‘STOP’ anytime to opt out and 'UNSTOP' to opt back in. View our SMS Terms of Service here.

  • CutTime is mobile first! We focus CutTime’s interface design and functionality primarily on responsive web, rather than native apps. Today’s responsive web technology delivers a premium user experience with all of the navigation and push communication bells and whistles without the extra software installation and update hassle. This approach enables us to optimize our product design, development and support resources on advancing one single platform versus three different platforms that have to keep up with Apple and Google constantly evolving native app standards. Bottom line, CutTime is tailor made to go where you need to go!

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