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We’re proud parents, former educators, band kids, theater nerds, and booster club leaders who want to improve data and workflows for fine arts education programs. Our solution to taming the admin chaos keeps the focus on what matters most - teaching.

Our Mission

Our passionate team empowers Fine Arts leaders with the technology and capabilities they need to maximize their teaching impact. Together with our partners, we are helping to nurture the next generation of artistic talent with thoughtful technology craftsmanship and intuitive workflow solutions. By reducing the administrative workload for Educators, District Administrators, Booster Clubs and Parents & Guardians – students achieve peak performance and enjoy a highly enriching educational experience that sets them up for lifetime success.

Our Vision

We are building a digital ecosystem, designed by educators and superfans who understand first-hand the unique challenges that come with running successful fine arts programs at scale. CutTime will become the space for all stakeholders to operate, learn and grow through intuitive, data-driven tools that anticipate what is needed before or right when it's needed. Thanks to our ever-increasing network of fine arts suppliers, CutTime will enable a specialized one-stop-shop marketplace for everyone to find, shop and buy relevant products and services that support school programs and their members. Even more, our users will be able to connect with a thriving community of peers, experts and mentors who have walked in their shoes and successfully navigated the path ahead.

Our Values

People are central to why we do what we do. Our core values reflect how we think, feel, and act towards our customers, partners, and the communities that we support:

Community & Collaboration – it takes a village to make a fine arts program thrive. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with our users and partners to solve problems, discover opportunities, and bring about positive change. Listening and learning with empathy is fundamental to our daily work with each other and the people we serve.

Empower People – the world moves at an accelerated pace. Too many demands steal time away from teaching. From the first onboarding moment, we aim to equip, educate, and empower users to find what they need fast and get things done.

Careful Craftsmanship – like the instruments, costumes and accessories used by our stakeholders to deliver unparalleled performances, we invest time and resources to deliver an impeccable technology experience. Each feature, notification, display, and message are carefully researched, designed, and tested for the real-world of fine arts education.

Playful Pragmatism – we work hard and play even harder. Delivering practical value and solving problems quickly is our brand promise. Delivering smiles and a few chuckles while we do it is our brand advantage.

Trust & Transparency – people count on us to deliver on our promises. We honor our commitments by communicating both the value and the limitations that can come with rapid, iterative technology development. Straight talk is our mantra.

CutTime Named a Best Tool for Schools!

CutTime named Best Comprehensive Music Program Management Tool 2024 for Schools by SBO+ Magazine

CutTime revolutionized the efficiency of our band office as soon as we completed the migration process. Tasks that used to require so many steps now are seamlessly integrated in a music education assistant that just simply makes sense. The development team at CutTime has included all of the right tools and it is clear that they know what music teachers really need! On top of that, they are open to the suggestions of their users and are continually upgrading and improving the system. This is a team that truly cares about the music communities they've impacted. Thank you, CutTime, for saving us time to actually teach music!

Tyler Long Band Director in Indiana, USA

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