Advice & Insights

Advice & Insights

Woman walking and someone is pickpocketing her wallet from her purse without her knowledge.

Stolen Dreams: A Cautionary Booster Club Tale

Traditional cash and check payments put your program at risk for fraud. In this cautionary tale, learn why embracing online payments is a must for ensuring...

Michelle Batten · Jun 15, 2023
Fine Arts Professional enjoying a waterfall and making summertime YOU Time.

Summertime is YOU Time

Summer break is YOUR time to relax, reflect and recharge. As a band director, are you really ever able to turn off thinking about or planning for your...

Michelle Batten · May 30, 2023
Music Barcoding for Beginners | Teacher in front of blackboard looking dreamy | CutTime

Music Inventory Barcoding for Beginners

Think barcoding/QR coding isn't worth the time? Think again. Our experts give you the perfect playbook for tackling this vital task with confidence and fun....

Michelle Batten · Apr 27, 2023
Smiling marching band student with blue colored shako looking left at CutTime

Let Festivals Become Your Program's BFF

Music festivals – they can be your worst nightmare, or your absolute best friend. Jeff Dodd reveals how educators can turn them into strategic advantages for...

Michelle Batten · Mar 24, 2023