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Thanks for tuning in, we have a lot of important news to share with you!

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The new CutTime will reach core feature parity with Charms by the start of 2024. CharmsOffice.com in its current form will cease to operate, and instead merge with CutTime on Friday, August 30, 2024.

We hope the school year is going well for you, your students and supporters so far. Read on for very important updates around the new CutTime Product Roadmap and upcoming service changes for the current CharmsOffice.com platform.

Look for Core Feature Parity by 2024

We’ve spoken with hundreds of you about the “must have” functionality in order for your programs to migrate and begin to experience the many modern advantages of the new CutTime. The following feature deliveries are coming soon as part of our next-generation CutTime Product Roadmap:

Music Library
Forms and eSignatures
Enhanced Announcements

Your input has played an integral role in shaping our work ahead. We estimate to have all of these core items ready and in production by January of 2024. Be sure to keep an eye out for future communications on each of these areas via our monthly Product Update newsletter along with specific new Feature Release Now Available announcements. 

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CharmsOffice.com Features Merge with CutTime in August 2024

Charms in its current form is going away as of August 30, 2024. The primary reason behind this decision is the lifecycle of the technology that Charms was built on: ASP Classic by Microsoft. Unfortunately, this software is no longer actively developed or supported by Microsoft, which poses several challenges to its long-term operations. Whether CutTime was involved or not, Charms would have eventually faced the need to rebuild using a completely different technology.

By merging with CutTime, we aim to provide a seamless transition for Charms users to a more modern, secure, and feature-rich platform that not only addresses these technical issues but also offers a range of new capabilities to enhance their program’s overall user experience.

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More than 3,000 schools and 550 districts have already made the switch to the new CutTime from Charms as well as our own legacy ‘Classic CutTime’ platforms.

Plan Your Migration Before August 2024

All customers will need to complete their migrations before the start of the 2024-2025 school year. Begin planning your program’s migration over to the new CutTime now.

You will benefit from a lot of practical experience and best practices to support you along this journey. In the coming weeks, you will start to receive more communications concerning your program’s migration with specific instructions, links to resources, and most importantly guidance on how you can connect with our support team throughout the process.

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Your Voice Matters, Stay Tuned For More Updates

The Charms community offers a wealth of experience and insights and we're committed to ensuring that this valuable knowledge shapes the future of CutTime. We want to create a platform that truly serves the needs of all our users, and the Charms community is instrumental in that mission. By doing this, we’re advancing CutTime's vision of simplifying and enhancing the management of fine arts programs, ensuring that directors, administrators, and their helpers can focus more on fostering artistic talents and less on administrative tasks.

We will continue to host periodic webinars that will allow us to showcase new features, gather real-time feedback, and directly address concerns or questions from the Charms community.

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Is your Charms subscription renewal coming due?  

Be sure to update your records with our new mailing address for all subscription payments to: 

CutTime, LLC

7 Old Mission Avenue

St. Augustine, FL 32084

Frequently Asked Questions

  • CutTime is the leading fine arts education program management platform in North America. CutTime platform was previously owned and operated by J.W. Pepper & Son, until they formed a joint venture with Conn Selmer and Group Collect and spun the company out as an independent commercial entity as CutTime, LLC. CutTime, LLC is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida and employs over two dozen professionals dedicated to supporting fine arts programs in locations across the United States.

  • Yes, we are confident that CutTime will achieve parity with the core features of Charms next year. Functionality with instruments, attire/uniform, and music library inventories, along with communications, financial, questionnaires, documents/forms with eSignature, and the End of Year process that meet the needs of the Charms community will be in place.

  • Some items will not be merged with the new CutTime. Among them is a full ‘general ledger’ system. After speaking with hundreds of customers about their priorities and minimal viable product (MVP) requirements, we took a strategic decision to keep our focus on supporting programs with super simple to read account balance statements with costs, payments, and credits that are exportable for other third-party accounting platforms. We’ve implemented new things like automated account balance payment reminders, which have been extremely successful and well received.

    We will communicate more about the merger status of specific CharmsOffice.com features as part of the upcoming migration communications. Be on the lookout for these emails. 

  • No. Rest assured that there will be no changes or interruptions to the UIL services we provide through the CharmsOffice.com platform for the remaining portion of the 23-24 school year. Quite the opposite as our leadership and product teams have spent a considerable amount of time with the UIL executive team discussing how best to preserve the functionality that Charms users have come to rely on in the NextGen of CutTime, while exploring some exciting improvements and optimizations for the new school year ahead. No action required from you on this item at this time.

  • As part of the migration process, we’ll set up a new CutTime account for your program and provide you with tutorials and other resources so you can hit the ground running quickly.

    In our experience, we’ve found running your program on two different platforms is highly problematic for several reasons. Data integrity is a huge challenge when you have people trying to maintain information in two places. Program members and helpers quickly become confused on which system is being used for what purpose, which leads to confusion and frustration. Lastly, having data in multiple platforms increases the potential exposure to cybercrime threats. All this to say, we advise limiting the simultaneous operation of Charms and CutTime to only what is necessary to complete the data transition. Anything exceeding beyond this guideline, will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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