Let's Plan Your Migration to CutTime

Hello, Classic CutTime Friend. Thanks for responding to our invitation :)

We know things will be busy between now and August 30, 2024 - that's why we're asking YOU to tell us your preferred timing for your account's data migration and set up in the new CutTime. This will help both you and us plan ahead so we can make the transition and migration process as smooth as possible for you, your team and your program members.

Once your scheduling request has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from us for your designated Migration Week. You will also receive an email reminder notification the week before and day prior to your Migration Week with links to a recommended Migration Checklist, Migration Onboarding Guide and other helpful materials.

IMPORTANT! This form should only be submitted by the authorized Account Administrator for your Classic CutTime account. If you are a Helper or Parent-Guardian, please DO NOT submit this form and await instructions from your account administrator.