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Hey Band Directors, We Get You.

Keeping up with the demands of a successful program like yours is no easy feat. Your teaching, coaching, mentoring, inspiring, planning, and directing non-stop. But, then there’s the stuff that constantly interrupts and sucks the life out of your day, right?

Good news, we’re here to take all of the hectic admin off your shoulders, so you can be the amazing Educator and Champion in Chief for your students. CutTime is handcrafted by a super passionate team of fine arts lovers and former educators especially for people like you. Our software platform acts like a digital assistant to tackle communication, financial, inventory, and paperwork tasks so they are less stressful for you and your members.

Picture This

  • Your students can access their program information from one trusted source
  • Your parents can see what’s coming up without having to dig through their inbox
  • Your volunteers get reminded without you having to do it
  • Your program’s financial health is not dependent on your checking the school safe
  • You breeze through check in, checkout, inspections, and repairs for your inventory
  • Your program gets more fundraising firepower without surplus products on your shelf


Give your Instruments, Attire and Uniforms, and Music Library assets a new digital home that is secure and reliable

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Get your cash flowing and improve your program's financial health with online payments and fundraising tools

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Keep students and guardians up to date with scheduled Announcements, Events, and eSignature

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What Makes CutTime Pure Magic?

We’ve taken a fresh approach to how your students and their families get access to their program information. Instead of an old-school user id/password, CutTime uses a ‘Magic Link’. This personalized and secure hyperlink acts as their ‘information gateway’ and can be bookmarked for easy reference on their mobile and desktop devices. No more login headaches, no more requests to resend stuff.

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CutTime Named a Best Tool for Schools!

CutTime named Best Comprehensive Music Program Management Tool 2024 for Schools by SBO+ Magazine

CutTime revolutionized the efficiency of our band office. Tasks that used to require so many steps now are seamlessly integrated in a music education assistant that just simply makes sense. The development team at CutTime has included all of the right tools and it is clear that they know what music teachers really need! This is a team that truly cares about the music communities they've impacted.

Tyler Long Band Director in Indiana

Get a Closer Look at CutTime

Curious to see how we do what we do to make your teaching day more joyful? Check out our collection of mini demo videos on inventory, financials, communication and more!

Helpful Insights and Inspiration from our Blog

The Magic Link!!!!!!!! Thank you!! It's brilliant! Works great and is super easy to set up. Thanks to CutTime, I spend at least 50 % less time managing our group.

Madeline Poe Choir Director in Florida

Let's Us Put More Smiles Into Your Teaching Day

Our software is passionately made by humans that have walked miles in your teaching shoes. It's fine arts focused and real world tested. Ready to have an extra pair of digital hands working behind the scenes to support and grow your program every day?